John Paul II, published in the (Vatican) in March 2003 by Libreria Editrice Vaticana, with the presentation of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. "Roman Triptych" is the only poem John Paul II wrote during his long Pontificate.

Film title:       Tryptyk rzymski

English title:     RomanTriptych

Film length:      min 60

Director:           Marek Luzar

Script:               Marek Luzar

Camera:            Paweł Śmietanka

Design:              Marek Luzar

Music:               Rafał Rozmus

Scenography:         Marek Luzar


THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH: MEDITATIONS is the only poem written by the pope John Paul II during his pontiff (1978-2005). A man of undeniable flair for poetry wrote only one work of this sort in his most fruitful years of life, only one work, yet so powerful that it is impossible to skip it any way. Since 2003 when THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH appeared, there have been many people desperately trying to make this more appealing to all sorts of audiences. Marek Luzar, an unknown Polish director, made use of a very interesting project: he managed to supply the profound meditative words with icons. Using modern techniques of animation as well as some archive shots, he made an extraordinary work on screen which supplied the book with something really innovative.

TRYPTYK RZYMSKI (that is the Polish original title of the ROMAN TRIPTYCH) lasts for 65 minutes and is based purely on original words of John Paul II. From Ruah ("The Spirit of God hovered above the waters") through three major panels: "The Stream", "Meditations on the Book of Genesis and the Threshold of the Sistine Chapel" and "A Hill in the Land of Moria", THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH is a beautiful, spiritual journey that most people face in universal aspect. If someone even says "I'm an atheist", it does not mean he/she gives up a search, a sort of seeking "The Word". First, it usually takes place at the admiration of nature and that is what appears at the beginning - a stream.

"Stream, stream in the wood, tell me the secret of your beginning!"...

These are the words which could as well be interpreted: creatures, the world, humans, tell me this secret of where you are from. By looking for the source, according to the pope's thesis, one looks for God who is the source of everything. And...we are led to the Sistine Chapel, a masterpiece by Michelangelo, a place which "will await its day" The viewer experiences something spiritually powerful, mystique when listening to these words and seeing the close-ups of the Chapel, a perfect harmony, a pure genius of Michelangelo and his vision of the history of humanity in the Bible. Adam and Eve, the Book of Genesis and original innocence destroyed by sin, the sin that required a sacrifice... What I liked in this movie was the clear harmony between what one hears and what one sees. This is, I think, the fact which talks for THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH as a successful cinematic piece.

I am aware that such a film is, perhaps, not for everyone. For some people, it may seem difficult to understand, for some others meaningless. However, try to open yourself before making judgments. THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH requires profoundity, you must look at it from the perspective of heart, real core of heart, not reason, prefabricated opinions or fixed already accepted traditions. Cinema can serve various purposes and there don't have to be great cast to see a good film. It is a journey upward, "against the current" and, therefore, in order to admire this, you have to give up "the current" at least for a while. If you see nothing profound in it, treat THE ROMAN TRIPTYCH by Marek Luzar at least as a tribute to late John Paul II. I heartily recommend this film to everyone and hope it'll be released on DVD in many countries. Not too long, not boring and a wonderful use of creative ideas.

"Non Omnis Moriar

What is imperishable in me now stands face to face with Him Who Is!" (John Paul II)

And indeed, he can forever say: "Non Omnis Moriar!!!" He lives in the millions of human hearts all over the world.


by Marcin Kukuczka (Cieszyn, Poland)




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